Our "Research Studio" model mirrors elements of Reggio Emilia, Constructivism & Scientific Research in several important ways, and applies them to the high school art classroom. 

Reggio Emilia   Research Methods   Constructivism

This Art as Research Model positions the student & teacher as collaborators and researchers.  It values the student as strong, capable and resilient.  Experiential learning and inquiry are at the center, but supported with structures to help students succeed in independent research.  It values documentation, metacognition and revisiting earlier learning to foster deeper understanding.  Most importantly, this is not a method, but a model for creative arts-based research that can be adjusted and adapted to different teaching styles, subject areas and students. 

"Learning about metacognition in this class helped me to appreciate the beauty and variety of the ways we think.  Metacognition could be a valuable tool in dispelling ideas of "smartness" that often creates hurtful hierarchies in classes.  If we understand that each person has a different way of processing things, we will be able to offer differences better."

Alexandra Cartharis, Student

"I recently graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Science.  After struggling through my freshman year, I started keeping workbooks again and filling them with material from my class notes.  The process always got me thinking about information in new and exciting ways and allowed me to pull through and excel in many of my courses.  A few days ago, I received an admission offer from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  I am looking forward to another four challenging but rewarding years at Davis and creating many more workbooks as I continue to learn."

Acacia Masri