Julia Marshall

Professor, Art Education, San Francisco State University

Julia Marshall is a professor of art education at San Francisco State University where she oversees the art education program and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses.  She holds a BA in art from George Washington University of Wisconsin, Madison; and an EdD in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco.  Her scholarship lies in art-centered, inquiry based integrated learning, the uses of contemporary art and visual culture in art education, and the intersection between creativity and learning.  Julia has written extensively on these topics with the articles in Studies in Art Education, Art Education Journal, International Journal of Art Education, and chapters in national art education anthologies.

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Kimberley D'Adamo Green

Teaching Artist, Berkeley High School

Kimberley D'Adamo Green is an environmental artist and a teacher at Berkeley High School in Berkeley California She believes art classrooms should be writing-rich, student-driven places where art is used to understand big ideas and explore all areas of knowledge.  For 10 years, she and her students have worked to craft a coherent model for teaching creative research, constructing a curriculum to make art classrooms "research studios" where all disciplines intertwine.  

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